Russians Try To Kill Me 45s Mix from Arms1 on Vimeo.

From ARMS1, Matteblacc’s resident 45 selecta!

“On my worse sick days ever fell on me i hallucinate that the KGB was torturing me and i made this playlist while being tortured..the video stops suddenly at the 23.00min cos my camera stop woking…Don’t mind the occasional coughs .. Enjoy
1)Do You Remember -Michael Jackson (Taggy Matcher Remix)
2)Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe-Sly 5th Ave And The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra
3)Nautilus-Bob James
4)Brazil(About It)-J.Rocc
5)Podes Crer,Amizade-Toni Tornado
6)I Ron Man -Ondatropica
7)Theme Music Dharmatma (sad)-Kalyanji Anandji
8)The Gift -The Whitefield Brothers feat. Edan and Mr Lif (Oh No’s Ethiopium Remix Instrumental)
9)Cairo Uprising -The Liberators”

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