matteblacc is largely known as DJ outfit, that has built a reputation for bringing a beautiful mix of people together with their unique take on feel good music, which fuses influences from all soul inspired music, classic and current. They have managed to transcend the DJ space and are regarded as not only trusted music purveyors, but also event producers / promoters and also savvy music direction & brand strategy consultants.

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We are firm believers that positive brand recall is achieved through cohesion across all marketing channels and all the senses, especially music. We have a multi-prong approach and using various music solutions, to achieve your complete brand identity. 

Music Direction

Need to create the right atmosphere for your restaurant, boutique hotel or bar? We can provide scalable solutions for your needs. We can propose a range of music direction solutions from basic to bespoke. From playlist curation, to sound design and delivery.

Design / Marketing

matteblacc‘s creative department is capable of providing a holistic solution to our clients. This includes visual and audio brand design, multimedia production, management of digital and social media marketing.

DJ Performance

With 75 years of combined experience in music, the founders of this firm remain as highly sought after DJ artists playing in top clubs in Singapore and within the South-East Asian region. With also a strong and trusted network of affiliate DJs, we can program the perfect fit for your needs.

Lifestyle Events

matteblacc can conceptualise and project manage bespoke events for your lifestyle brand’s needs, from design, entertainment, production.


Slick Sound Reinforcement

matteblacc provides a solution for events that need a slick aesthetically pleasing equipment set up, that is sensitive to the image and style of our clients. Perfect for luxury brands, restaurants, lounges, boutique hotels and private cocktail events that are discerning about the quality and aesthetics of their event when it comes to sound reinforcement and music direction.


If you are interested in any of our services, contact us at:

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