Cop the latest edition of the Dirty 30 Mixtape project. This installment is mixed by DREM. Just click the image above to visit our Mixcrate page to hear / download the mix. Here’s the tracklist: Track Title Artist Crooked Smile J. Cole ft TLC Put Me On Hunit Stackz ft Swizz Beatz Special Education Goodie … Continued

The Mashup Version - to illustrate the lengths of customisation. The sky's the limit!

RAW CUSTOMS : 4 those of us who like 2 pimp up our earshells

Meet DJ RAW – Resident DJ of Attica at dusk and badass customiser of headphones at dawn, namely the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. You might have spotted a few of your favourite DJs rockin’ Raw’s funky customised work. Matteblacc caught up with him to find out more about the man and his legendary creations. Matteblacc … Continued


Back2Basics – Late Nite Deepness mixed By JNR

Back2Basics – Late Nite Deepness by Jnr on Mixcloud Here’s a teaser mix of some of the late night action taking place at our weekly late night party. Sometimes you got to take things back to its simplest form. Take the elements that matter and discard the rest. It’s all about dancing to the feel … Continued


Slum Village – Dirty Slums 2 Mixtape

Slum Village team up with Mick Boogie once again to deliver the sequel to their acclaimed mixtape, Dirty Slums.  The surviving members of the D-Town crew consisting of T3, Elzhi, and Illa J recruit some of Hip-Hop’s most gifted, yet unheralded lyricists in the form of Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda, J. Ivy, Guilty Simpson and more … Continued



There was a time when only two formats ruled the music industry – The vinyl and the compact cassette. So popular it remained for 30 odd years till the crusade of the CD arrived. Remember popping in your cassette tape into the player, and clinking in the tray shut, rewinding to your favorite track (sometimes … Continued


Hell Lotus Art Show

I dropped by my friend Jacky’s store, SUP at Haji Lane, to check out the Hell Lotus Art Show. Jacky always re-creates his store to look different for every event. (Hi Hustler!) This time it was converted into a mini art gallery for Mighty Jaxx. This creative collective in Singapore is known for producing vinyl … Continued


Taking you back to where it all began

Some days you’ll find me on youtube just going through documentaries and videos. I’ve decided to share this one find mainly because it reminded me of 3 very cool dudes named JNR, Drem and Paulsilver. [youtube] Scratch is a documentary film, directed and edited by Doug Pray. The film explores the world of the … Continued


Seeing Things Differently

If we see the same things over and over again, we can sometimes take its’ beauty for granted. There’s always that test to be aware of where you are at this moment. *Looks around* I’ve been trying to whip out my iPhone whenever I can to capture magical moments here in Singapore. This city still … Continued


Jeremy Ellis’ Syncopated Fingerings

If Qbert puts most turntablists to shame, in the live production world his equal would be Jeremy Ellis. This Detroit live musician must be a robot with both hands programmed to function like they have a dedicated Central Processing Unit on each finger and thumb. He’s an MPC in flesh. Watch him wreak havoc on … Continued


As Affordable As They Wanna Be

Efficient city commuting has been everyone’s mind around the world, always seeking solutions to ease the space constraints posed by vehicles, the gridlocks created and of course the gas emissions that come with it as well. In modern history, the choice mode of transport to the city has always been the bicycle by large. As … Continued


An introduction is always difficult to write.

So let’s take it slow, shall we? My name is Victoria. Female. Writing on Matteblacc. For the past few weeks, people have told me that you can learn a lot about a person by what’s on their iPod. I have a mix of many different kinds of music. From the kinds of playlists you play … Continued


Album Pick of the Week : Rich Girl by Angie Stone

There’s something about her music, it puts you on a feel-good phase while repeating the catchy hook and makes you bop your head whether you’re playing her songs in your car or hearing it at the mall; that’s Angie Stone. Here the multi award-winning soul sister comes with her 6th studio effort, Rich Girl. Still … Continued

Ray Parker Jr at WEA Records, Soho, London, UK on 13 October 1987

Sunday evening smooth groove

[youtube] A smooth groove from Ray Parker Jr. Sadly only remembered by the pop market for his iconic Ghostbuster’s title song, good ol’ Ray fronted his own funk band back in the day called Raydio and had decent success in the funk arena. Ray also was a ballad crooner, as he does here… This … Continued


Throwback Jazz-Funk track of the week (Sept 25) : Roy Ayers – Love Will Bring Us Back Together

[youtube]   When it comes to Jazz-Funk with that Soul-inspired touch, you can’t deny Roy Ayers. Unlike his contemporaries way back when, Ayers had that silky soul laced with palatable funk and sometimes with a subtle disco element. My partner Tirso (DJ JNR) is a Roy Ayers fiend. His constant addition of an Ayers’ … Continued

Anatomy of a Technics turntable

Turntable : Redux

Very few and select things – inventions or innovators alike create a phenomenon, albeit sometimes purely by coincidence and change the format of a precedent and remain solidified where status is concerned. Eventually becoming an icon and upon demise (sometimes via supercession) they nevertheless leave a legacy behind while leaving much to be emulated and … Continued


Photos from Tokyo-Connect!

Tokyo Connect feat. DJ Kentaro Takizawa (Flowers Records / Tokyo) & Mika Arisaka (Jazzy Sport / Tokyo) at The Still Bar & Matteblacc’s Friday Night at Lounge of 22 Dempsey


Music Drop – Matteblacc X The Still Bar Teaser

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] As we proceed… to give you what you need… This is a lil teaser of some of the early hour vibes to expect at our latest pop-up lounge collab at 22 Dempsey’s The Still Bar. Want some more? Come down tonight, or every Wednesday and Friday! Special Drink promos for the … Continued